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Season 2 Days 5 & 6

Hi Boys and Girls,

I've just been told that the kids spent the last 2 days of filming doing the Bible studies. The children, I'm told, were just as good as I was and their readings of all the Bible passages were fantastic! I'm told they got to see some really wonderful things that they learnt from the Bible but I'm afraid I can't tell you. You will have to wait until the new series comes out!

The children with Aunty Nat and Aunty Cecily Ella talking about what God means to her for the credits

The kids are back at school, I'm recuperating in my hutch with my friend Lily and Aunty Nat is exhausted!! We will keep you updated as to when season 2 is about to come on the air.

That's all for now
Love Teddy x

Teddy paw print