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Medical Checkup

Hi Boys and Girls,

Today Aunty Nat took me to the vet to have my annual check up. My Doctor (Vet) gave me the all clear. You can see from the photos that I had to have a special injection. This keeps me free from disease so I'm fit and healthy for the show!

Me at the vet Me getting my heart checked

Me getting my paws checked Me getting my injections

Only 3 days now till we go into the studio and film the second season of "A Day With The King". Lots of preparations have been made and everyone is already to go; it's going to be a very busy week! Aunt Cecily has made me a very special cushion to sit on, on the sofa. You can see a photo of me trying it out. I's very comfortable. Thanks Aunt Cecily!

Me testing the cushion

See you soon,

Love Teddy. x

Teddy paw print